French release of "A Sign For The Stranger" LP in january followed by a French tour. 3 concerts including choral workshop. very nice.

"A Sign For The Stranger" finished and released in the UK in May. Artwork by david scrima. followed by UK tour in May.
A November tour of the UK with Hyperclean "we think we're having a ball". Soon to be released as a short film by pablo padovini.

sign for the starnger

Feb tour of UK with This Is The Kit
April tour of Uk with Narrow Terence
October tour of Japan with This Is The kit and Rachael Dadd

Sporadic performances and daughter born in march. Some nice concerts including the Venn festival at bristols Arnolfini .A few gigs in Italy.

In Began work on next album. "Traveline highway song" used in playstation advert in Spain.

In May2004 the 4th LP 'The Opposite Is True' was released in France and we played a 10 date tour there.
moved to Paris in September. 8 date tour in october southern France.

In May2004 we were featured on ITV west program 'Earshot'. In Nov we play big gigs and release 4th LP 'The Opposite Is True'

There was a tour of Spain the end of May 2003.

"My place.." has been released in Canada by D7 Recordings, receiving rapturous reviews...

Live compilation featuring the many changing lineups of morningstar including the orchestral choral version and the downright solo version. Contains songs from both previous and future albums. Toured Japan, France and Belgium.

Morning star 2nd LP, titled my place in the dust was released in September 2001 on sink and stove records UK and Microbe records France. This record was mixed with and by John Parish who also plays on it. My place In The dust is altogether a more solemn affair but not without lashings of Cohenesque irony, lusious and lavisious orchestral/ choral harmony.

Morningstar eponymously titled first LP: finely honed songs, crunchily recorded and gently sung.Carries the listener from country blues to howling ballads and onto classic bossa melodies. released in feb 99 on swarf inger records (bristol) and in nov 99 microbe (paris). available on vinyl since november 2001.