Welcome to the Morning Star Pop Choir Page

I've been combining concerts with choir workshops over the last 10 years but more seriously since may 2009 with concerts in the UK in may.

So far in 2010 we've done them in the Grand Mix - Tourcoing
L'abordage in Evreux and La Carine in Brest .

These workshops can include ready made choirs (as at l'abordage Normandy Kids -Ptits Abordeurs-Normandy Kids), a random selection of the public (as at the grandmix) or as part of a venues outreach community work (as with La Carine).

For the choirs which exist i send mp3s and sheet music in advance so they can prepare if they want to, otherwiseeverything happens from scratch all on the day.

A typical Pop Choir concert will begin around 2pm when the band turns up to soundcheck. The choir will meet around 4pm and we'll meet, do some warm-ups and i'll demonstrate what we'll be doing in the concert which will include a bit of improvisation, some simple backing vocal type singing and perhaps a canon or two.

The concert usually consists mostly of the band performing alone for 20 minutes then joined by the choir for another 20 minutes or 3 or 4 numbers.

It makes for a different kind of concert and alot of smiling faces on stage and in the audience.


here are a few video clips

may 2009 in Bristol uk

Morning Star live Paris 07 may 2009 (7) Mains d'Oeuvres
par NoMoreReturn

chorale in brest jan 2010 

guess it was you - live at l'abordage jan 2010  

Each concert is a cosmic journey through the history of modern music traversing such varied terrains as psychedilia, doo-wop, alt. folk, gothic rock and otherworld music.



la carine



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