Jesse d vernon

jesse in Bristol 1994

Paris 2001


Morningstar Small Orchestra - recording tracks for 3rd LP
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Horns including Dino Christoldoulu

lisa Middle with chrissy and claire few

Mike Dadan with Dave Clarinet

Tammy Payne with Brendon

Rebecca Waghorn

Jim Barr

Ben Waghorn
Morningstar Live in Belgium 2002we played with members of Major Deluxe in March, September and November

Maddy and Ludo

jesse & Ludo


Seb & jesse
MorningStar in 2003 with Aurelie and Thomas in Spain
MorningStar in 2004 with more lovely people: Paul Bass; Jamie Drums and Kat and Maddy Singing
with Kate Stables and members of the keepers choir

Paul is new adored bass player

we are doo-wop

jesse, maddy, kat gettin serious

girls love guitars

MorningStar in 2005 we toured France in May  
MorningStar in 2005we played more gigs in October. Jamie expecting a baby so Matt Douglas kindly stepped in behind the kit, helping kate and me relocate to Paris at the same time  

this gig is at le mains d'ouvres in Paris on 30th Sept 05




with the '80s hair

this gig in le grandmix tourcoing
(1st Oct 05) is quite close to Belgium so Aurelie was able to attend (so was thomas but no pics i'm sorry)

matt is a serious drummer folks but comes into his own backstage with a guitar and rocky racoon

here's kit multi-instrumentalist and mentalist

sebastien (johnathan king) carbonelle from beligique was also able to join us onstage

there she blows

sounding again

This gig at le castell embruixat near perpignon sat 29th Oct05.
Kate played first

paul off buying a house so here's niko on bass

jamie miles away having a baby so here's hugo on drums "i feel so cool" was the song he wrote we finished with.
  MorningStar in 2008 toured the Uk with This Is The Ki tin the summer, Japan with This Is The Kit and Rachael Dadd in October. Began working with christophe malherbe and philippe sirop in november                          




This was in abracdabar 75019 with philippe and christophe

and Phillipe
        Please jump now  
i am a teacher now
  MorningStar in 2009                                          

these from Lucille Mouroux taken in JAK agency concert 9th march 2009